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Attract great opportunities by enhancing your profile

Instahyre tailors candidate experience for you, unlike old job portals. Our AI uses your profile efficiently to show you highly relevant job opportunities. Hence, your profile is the most crucial page in your Instahyre account. Make sure you keep updating your profile religiously and don’t leave any section blank. Happy job hunting!

Create your profile

If you have linked your LinkedIn account with Instahyre, your profile page would already have some sections filled in, e.g. your name, profile picture, etc. Other details like your skills, professional and educational background, location, CTC, and notice period are filled in based on the information you provided during the signup process.

Job Preferences

This section helps our algorithm fetch the jobs that match your experience and are aligned to your future expectations and preferences. Generally, other platforms don’t consider your preferences and show you job postings that are not even remotely related to you. We are sure you must be bombarded with irrelevant openings. Not at Instahyre! Our platform is preferred by recruiters who are looking for people like you.

So make your picks! Write your current job location and then pick your desired location/locations from the drop-down menu. You can choose from both national and international, or if you would like to work from home, then just pick work from home.

Next, you need to write your current salary in LPA (lakhs per annum). In case your salary number is a mix of lakhs and thousands, please use decimals for clarity. For example, INR 15,50,000 would be written as 15.5 LPA.

Next, select the notice period at your current organization from the drop-down menu.

Note: If you are already serving your notice period, update your profile according to how soon you can join a company that makes you an offer.


This section is crucial for your profile because this is the most important criterion for our proprietary AI algorithm, InstaMatch, to match your profile with the job postings on our platform and show you the ones you will like most. Select your current role and select up to 10 skills that you want to highlight in your profile. For each skill, don’t forget to select your level of proficiency in it. Selecting proficiency level helps our InstaMatch algorithm understand your expertise and find great jobs accordingly.

You can also select up to 5 languages, along with your level of proficiency.

Work Experience

After adding your skills, the next section is work experience. Add all the companies you have worked with along with years worked, location(s), industry, and the profile. Don’t add any internships. Your experience helps InstaMatch understand the kind of experience you have, and hence, show you opportunities that match your profile.


Add your educational qualifications, starting with the latest. Don’t forget to add the university and your subject of specialization, if applicable.

You can edit the section whenever you want by clicking Edit, making the changes, and clicking ‘Save Changes’ once done.

The importance of a well-made resume is well known. Sometimes, it is what makes or breaks your case for a recruiter.

An updated resume is a must if you are looking for a job. Add all the details that will make you perfect for the job for which you are applying. Try keeping your CV short.

If you have a social profile that would add more value to your candidature, make sure to add it as your work portfolio. This will definitely boost your chances of getting noticed, as the recruiter can see your capabilities instead of just reading about them.

Status and Privacy Settings

You can select your job search status based on your preference:

Actively looking: If you are currently looking for a job and want to be seen by recruiters, opt for 'Actively Looking.' Your profile will be shown on a high priority, and you will receive regular updates about job posts based upon your job preferences.

Passively looking: If you are not looking for jobs but would still like to know about opportunities available for you, you can select 'Passively Looking' to get monthly email alerts about jobs that match your preference.

Not looking: If you are not looking for jobs and have no interest in knowing about the opportunities then select 'Not Looking' to avoid receiving any email alerts.

If you want to keep your profile private from the company you are currently employed at, you can use this option to hide your profile from them, and, if need be, you can pick multiple companies and our AI will ensure that your profile is not displayed to any of them.

Updated on: 25/03/2022

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