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Profile - Tips and Best Practices

Profile - Tips and Best Practices

Things you can follow to enhance your profile

We all desire to end up with a dream job but it isn’t as easy as it sounds. These days, it requires more than just having a good resume. You have to get noticed, stand out from the crowd. Instahyre helps you in ensuring that you stay on top of the game always.

Accurate details: Keep your profile up to date at all times and make sure you fill in all the details to increase your chances.

Job preferences: Fill in accurate information while filling up your preferences so that only the jobs that fit your parameters are shown to you and you have a hassle-free experience.

Highlight your skills: Don’t forget to mention all the relative skills (up to 10) you have, as our Instamatch algorithm fetches jobs based on your skills.

These days, recruiters are looking for more than degrees. They want someone who can wear multiple hats and has a strong list of skill sets. So, we highly recommend you to keep yourself updated with the latest skills that can help you increase your chances of getting noticed and hired.

Hired as Senior QA Engineer at PayTM, here’s what Deepika Verma said about the profile visibility:

“I cannot recall from where I got the reference but I just created an account on Instahyre. And I got a call from the Instahyre team regarding what location, what profile I was interested in so that they could target it to particular companies and from then I started receiving job opportunities for companies matching my requirements and profile. And thus within a week, I got a call from Paytm and the result was I got hired. The best part was the gift I got from Instahyre as was promised. Thanks a lot, Instahyre team :)”

Add your socials: Share your social profiles like LinkedIn, Github, Website, Dribble, etc.
In our research, we have found that candidates who share their socials as their work portfolio have a 78% more likelihood of getting shortlisted by recruiters.

Update your resume: Keep updating your resume on a regular basis to enhance your chances. You can experiment with the CV style based on your profile and industry. Your CV is your first impression to the recruiters to make sure it is a lasting one. Here’s something that will help you build a great resume.

Be prepared for interviews: A lot of companies prefer doing the first couple of interviews virtually. Make sure you are prepared for it and sign up on various such portals like Zoom, Google meet, teams, etc. Acquaint yourself with them beforehand.

Please note: Provide accurate information as failure to do so might result in recruiters blocking your profile and it will show up on your profile. This will also lead to the deactivation of your account.

Q. I got a new opportunity and want to delete my Instahyre account?

If you have got a job and are not looking for a job, we suggest you mark it as ‘Not looking’ instead of deleting the account as the next time you are looking for a job you can simply change the status and update your profile. Be assured that you will receive minimal communication from our end.

Updated on: 25/03/2022

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