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Explore matching opportunities

Explore matching opportunities

Find your dream job by exploring great companies on Instahyre

About Opportunities

The "Opportunities" tab will display all the possible job opportunities that are perfect for you based on your resume, preferences, and work experience. You can choose to save, apply, or mark as not interested to keep this page de-cluttered.

You can click on "View" to get more details about the job post. Or if you think that this job is not suitable for you, click on "Not interested". This action will allow our Instamatch algorithm to understand your preferences better and improve the job suggestions.

You can apply for a job once you click on the view option.

Stay active and filter opportunities

Keep refreshing this section frequently by either applying for a job or marking it ‘Not interested’. In order to keep getting updates on new opportunities.
Check the platform every day to stay active and discover new opportunities.

Read, understand and apply

Make sure to read the complete details before applying for the job to make an informed decision of applying or rejecting an opportunity.
Apply to all the jobs that feel relevant to you. It’s better to have options and enhance your chances of getting hired soon.

Broad-spectrum of opportunities

We try our best to provide you with opportunities based on your preferences, whether you want to work for a small size company (startup) or a large size company (MNC). In fact, we have been happy to help them get jobs in their preferred companies.

Updated on: 25/03/2022

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