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Activities - Tips and Best Practices

Activities - Tips and Best Practices

Use the status of your application to your advantage

Often while looking for a new job we apply at various companies to ensure that we don’t settle in for less. It’s a great thing to do but honestly, when you apply to various companies it becomes difficult to track your application. Instahyre not only understands this problem but also has a dedicated section where you can track all your applications.

Stay updated

Make sure to check your activity page to schedule and prepare for your interviews.

Be prepared

It’s highly recommended that once you see your application being viewed and/ or shortlisted go back and look at the job post to be prepared for the assignments and interviews that you will have.

Punctuality is the key

Whether it’s a telephonic interview, a video interview, or an in-person interview, always be punctual. Ensure that you don’t have any distractions and find a quiet place for your telephonic and video interviews.

Know the company

Do thorough research about the company apart from the job profile to understand the kind of work you would be expected to do.

Prepare for interviews

Practice the generic interview questions as it will help you to boost your confidence and result in getting hired. Try practicing these questions too.

Updated on: 25/03/2022

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