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Recruiters Activities

Recruiters Activities

Track your progress


This section focuses on showing the activities taken by recruiters on your profile. This helps you keep track of all your applications.

Often, it happens that while looking for new opportunities we tend to apply at a lot of companies and it becomes difficult to keep a tab on it and see the response from the recruiters.

Instahyre helps you reduce the task of trying to memorize or save the emails and offers you a one-click filter, so you focus on grabbing the opportunity and not tracking it.

Filtering Activities

You can apply various filters to check the status of your application by clicking on any of the three options- viewed, contacted, and not shortlisted.

Viewed - The job postings where the recruiter has viewed your resume will be listed here.

Contacted - This includes information about all the job openings for which the recruiters have reached out to you via email and discussed the job further.

Not Shortlisted - The job posting for which the recruiters have decided to not shortlist your profile will be shown in this section.

Updated on: 25/03/2022

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