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Understanding Custom Interview Stages

Custom Interview Stages

Customize entire interviewing workflow with custom stages

We've recently introduced the Custom Interview Stages feature, which will allow you to optimize your interview workflow, and streamline your entire interview process.

With this feature, you can set up Custom Interview Stages for each job and don't have to create multiple candidate lists elsewhere, like in Excel or other documents.

Q. How do I access Custom Interview Stages?

Go to the Candidates page.

Select any job.

Now scroll down to the "Interviewing" section of your candidate pipeline.

Click on "Edit Interview Stages". By default, you'll see "Interviewing" as stage 1 unless you edit it.

You can now name each stage based on your recruiting guidelines. For example it could be an Initial phone interview, Assignment round, HR round, Final round, etc.

Q. What are Automated Actions?

Whenever you click on "Add another stage" or edit an interview stage, you will see an option of "Automated Actions". There are three different Automated Actions that you can activate for any stage. Let's look at them one by one:

Action 1: Send an email to a candidate when they are moved to this stage

If you activate this action, it means whenever a candidate is moved to this stage, an email will be sent to them automatically. You can select/edit the email template which you wish to send in advance.

Select the template you want to use for this action from the dropdown menu, or type the email body text.

Click on Save.

Acton 2: Notify a team member when a candidate is moved to this stage

If you activate this action, it means whenever you move a candidate to this stage, an email will be sent to the specified team member, notifying them about this change.

Select the template from the dropdown menu or type the email body text.

Now select the team member who needs to be notified about the same.

Click on Save.

Action 3: Auto-reject candidates if they do not respond within certain days of being moved into this stage

There could be cases when you send an assignment/case study to a candidate, but they don't reply within the stipulated timeline. In such cases, they can automatically be added to the Rejected stage.

Once you activate this action, add the number of days.

Click on Save.

Q. Can I activate multiple Automated Actions for each stage?

Yes, you can add multiple actions or single actions for each stage.

You can also customize the email template for each interview stage.

An action icon will be added next to each stage so that you are aware of what Automated Actions are activated for them.

Q. How many custom interview stages can I add?

You can add as many custom stages as you want. Just click the "Add another stage" button.

Q. Can I edit an interview stage I created previously?

Yes, if you wish to edit a custom stage you can click on the "Edit" icon and make the changes you want.

Q. Can I rearrange/reorder custom interview stages?

Yes, you can drag them from the left corner in order to rearrange them.

Q. How do I move candidates to different custom stages?

Once you have defined all your custom interview stages, they will appear on the left panel where active/passive and other stages are already present by default. Now it's time to move candidates to these stages.

Go to the candidate page. From the left side panel, select Active, Passive, Low matching applications, save for review, reached out, in conversation or go to any other stage of your choice.

Now go to any candidate card and hover on "Save for review" or whichever stage the candidate is on.

From the drop-down, you will be prompted to select the next stage, but you can select any other stage as well.

Q. How to move candidates in bulk to custom interview stages?

You can take bulk action and move candidates in bulk to a different custom interview stage.

Go to the candidate page and select any stage (Not applicable for Active/Passive/Low matching stage as they are the initial sourcing stages).

Once you are on Save for review stage or any other stage below it, select all the candidates through "Select all" or use a checkbox to move them to interview stages in bulk.

Q. Can I copy custom stages from one job to another?

Yes! First, go to the job for which you want to edit the custom interview stages.

Click on "Interviewing" to view the pop-up.

You can now copy stages from another job from the dropdown menu.

###### Q. Can I delete a stage from the custom interview stages?

Yes, you can delete a custom interview stage. Go to "Edit stages".

Now click on the delete icon next to the stage you wish to delete.

Please note: you need to reassign candidates from this stage to another stage in order to delete it.

Updated on: 10/08/2022

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