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Refining skills

Refine Skills

Learn how to use a combination of skills to find the best candidates

To improve candidate relevancy by 30X we have introduced the "Refine Skills" option for recruiters. It helps them use multiple combinations of keywords in the search function to find the most niche candidates. This is especially helpful when they need to hire for profiles for which it is not easy to find the right candidates through traditional methods like older job portals.

Q. How can I access the "Refine Skills" section?

Go to "Candidates Page" and scroll down.

On the left-hand side, you'll see the "Refine Skills" section.

Q. How can I use "Refine Skills" to increase candidate relevancy?

The Refine Skills feature is available in 2 modes for recruiters. The first one is the default mode and the second one is the Boolean mode, which can be enabled using the check box below the Skills fields. They can use whichever mode they prefer.

Default mode:

If the candidate results don't match your hiring requirements exactly, then you can refine the skills in order to get even more relevant results.

Add "Nice to have skills" i.e. skills that are not mandatory but would add to the candidate's eligibility for the position you need to fill. Once you are done, select the "Must have skills" i.e. skills that are mandatory for candidates to be eligible.

Once you are satisfied with the skills you have added, click on "Save".

Please note: Updating the skills using "Refine Skills" will also update your current candidate list for the job, and for any other recruiters subscribed to the job.

You can only update skills 7 times a day, so make sure you use right combination at the first go, and fine-tune your search as required using the remaining updates.

Boolean mode:

Once enabled, you can add a Boolean expression by using Boolean operators like AND, OR, NOT. Click here to learn how to use Boolean search.

Sometimes, recruiters require candidates who have a certain combination of skills, which can only be done through Boolean mode, e.g. (Java OR Python) AND Node.js NOT PHP query would show you candidates with Java or Python and Node.js skillset but will not include candidates who have PHP skillset.

This wouldn't be possible using default mode, hence we added Boolean search.

Lastly, you can search for skills either within the resume or just the key skills mentioned by candidates.

Q. If I make a change to the "Refine Skills" section on the candidate page, will that also create a change on my job posting?

Yes, it will, since you would use the "Refine Skills" feature when you are not satisfied with the current candidate result. The AI algorithm would consider the updated skill requirements, and the same would be reflected on your job posting.

Q. Can I Refine Skills through any of my current job postings?

Yes, you can! Go to the job for which you need to refine the skills.

Click on "Edit job".

In the edit section of the job, change the skill using either default or Boolean mode, as per your preference.

When you are done, click on "Save Changes".

Updated on: 10/08/2022

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