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Setting up Outlook / Teams Integration

Setting up Outlook / Teams Integration

How to integrate Outlook Calendar and Teams/Skype with your Instahyre account

If you and your team are using Outlook Calendar, or Microsoft Teams or Skype for video interviews, then you can easily integrate them with your Instahyre account. That way, you can automatically add a Teams/Skype link to each interview email you send through Instahyre, and automatically add the event to your Outlook Calendar as well.

How to activate the Microsoft Teams Integration on Instahyre

Please follow the below steps to enable it.

Open the Integrations page, and click "Integrate now" on the Outlook / Teams option.

You will be redirected to the following pop-up where you can sign-in to your Microsoft account.

Once you sign-in, Instahyre will ask you if you wish to connect with Skype or Teams. If you have a paid Microsoft Teams account then you can opt for Teams, otherwise select Skype.


Now, you can set-up an interview with an automated video link which will be added to your Outlook calendar!

How to Schedule an Interview call on Teams/Skype?

You have already integrated your Microsoft account and are ready to schedule candidate interviews through the platform.

Follow the below steps:

Open a candidate's profile through either the Candidates page or the Inbox page.

Next, click the calendar icon.

Add the details of the interview like date, time, duration, etc.

Select "Microsoft Teams" from the drop-down menu and click on the "Confirm" button (if you have selected Skype while integrating your Microsoft account, then a Skype option will be shown instead of Teams).

The details of the interview will be added to the email body.

Finally, hit "Send email".

The Teams/Skype interview link will be shared with the candidate, and will also be added to your Outlook calendar.

Remove Teams Integration

In order to remove the Teams integration follow the below steps.

Go to Integrations > Click on "Disable" next to the Microsoft Teams application.

Then click on "Confirm" and the Microsoft Teams integration will be disabled.


Updated on: 25/03/2022

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