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Exporting Candidates to your ATS

Exporting Candidates to your ATS

Learn more about exporting candidates from Instahyre to your Application tracking system

Once your integration is complete you can export candidates directly to your ATS through the Instahyre employer account.

Candidates can be exported to your Application Tracking system through the Candidates page or Advanced search page. In order to do that you need to first link your Instahyre Job with your ATS job.

You can follow the below steps to do the same.

Go to the jobs page.

Click on "Add a new job"

From the dropdown menu at the top left corner select the "ATS Job" and finish all the steps of creating the job.

Once you post the job your job will be integrated.

A.) Exporting Candidates through Candidates page

Once your jobs are linked an export button will appear next to the candidate card.

Just click on the "Export to Greenhouse" and that candidate will be exported to Greenhouse.

You can also select the candidates in bulk from the "Select all" button and click on export. The candidates will be exported to Greenhouse.

B.) Exporting Candidates through Advanced Search page

On the "Advanced Search page," a recruiter will have to select the job first for which they performing the search before beginning the export (from the bottom left).

Each candidate card will have the export button now and you can export candidates as per your wish

If the job is not selected before performing the search then a pop-up would appear to select the ATS job and then you can click on the export button on the candidate card.

Q. What happens if the "Instahyre Job" is not linked with "ATS job" and I click on an export button?

In that case, a pop-up would appear for you to link the ATS job first before the export happens.

Updated on: 13/07/2023

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