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How to connect third-party integrations

Recruitment has become highly digitized and recruiters use a variety of software during the entire hiring process such as ATS, video calling applications, calendars etc. At Instahyre we have made it seamless to integrate such third-party application to give you the most enhanced hiring experience as well as increase your productivity.

How to access your Integrations:

To access integrations, click on your Initials and then click on "Integrations"

Now you can see the list of all third-party integrations available for your employer account.

You can click "Integrate now" to add an integration. Once you've added an integration, you can click the icons on the right side to edit or remove that integration.

How do I disable an Integration?

Click on the "Bin" Icon next to the integration you wish to disable and click on confirm.

Updated on: 25/03/2022

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