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Greenhouse ATS Integration

In this article learn how to integrate and use your Instahyre employer account with your Greenhouse ATS.

ATS integration is available to only to users with subscription plan of Instahyre platform

Integrating your Instahyre account with Greenhouse

Navigate to the "Integrations" page through dropdown menu.

To integrate, click the “Integrate Now” button seen in the image below.

You will see a pop-up where you will be prompted to enter your Greenhouse API key. Along with that you need to select if you wish to send candidate salaries to Greenhouse.

Only "Admins" of an account will be able to make any changes on the "ATS Integration" dashboard.

How to link your Instahyre Job with your Greenhouse Job

In order to export candidates to your ATS through Instahyre, its important that you link your Instahyre Job with the associated job in your ATS.

New Job posting

When adding a new job, "Select Greenhouse job to link" to select the relevant job and publish the job after adding other details.

Existing Job posting

If you would like to link it to a job posting that is already live on Instahyre platform, select "Link to Greenhouse" through the jobs dashboard

Choose the applicable job and save it.

Exporting Candidates to Greenhouse ATS

Through Candidates page

Once your Instahyre job is linked with your Greenhouse job you can easily export candidates. Go to a candidate card and click on "Greenhouse'.

All candidates are added to Greenhouse manually through candidate cards. Applications won't be added to your ATS automatically.

Through Search page

You can also export candidates through search results.
On the search page, you will have to first select an Instahyre job, for which you are performing the search.

Export candidates to greenhouse through candidates card.

If your job is not linked with your Greenhouse ATS then you will first have to link it in order to export candidates through search page.

How can I bulk export candidates?

To export candidates in bulk. Go to Candidates page. Select the type of candidates you to export. Click on the select all option at the right hand side.

Export the select candidates.

How can I access Instahyre candidates on Greenhouse?

Once your Instahyre job is linked with Greenhouse job you will be able to access candidates on your Greenhouse account, follow these steps.

Click on "Jobs" through the dashboard.

Now click on the Job you want and you will be able to see the candidates.

See the image below to understand how Candidate profile would appear in your Greenhouse account.

In your Greenhouse you can see skills of the candidate added as tags also other information such as experience, current location will automatically be added by Instahyre under "Notes"

How to create an API key and provide permissions

Greenhouse Recruiting's Harvest API allows your team to grant third-party partners (Instahyre in this case) to access to your jobs, candidates, interviews, and other data via API. An individual can access this data only with a Harvest API key. Managing permissions via the Harvest API key allows you to permit or deny access to each Harvest endpoint individually, so you can have more control over what Instahyre can access from your Greenhouse Recruiting account.

Follow these steps to create an API key to integrate Greenhouse with your Instahyre account.

Open Greenhouse and click on Settings>Development Centre>API credentials management.

From the API Credential Management page, click Create New API key.

In the Create New Credential dialog box, make the following selections:

API Type: Harvest
Partner: Leave Blank
Description: Write Instahyre

You will a new api key. Store it somewhere so that you can access it in future.

When finished, click Manage Permissions to generate the Harvest API key. Here you can add permissions to the key in a subsequent step. Following permissions are needed to be added in order to successfully integrate Greenhouse and Instahyre integrations.

Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Your Greenhouse ATS is now Integrated Successfully!

Updated on: 28/09/2023

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