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Reviewing candidates

Reviewing candidates

Learn how to review candidates, move them to various stages of your interview process, add notes, and more.

When a job has been added and activated, candidates are populated per the parameters set in the job post. Instamatch algorithm understands the skills required, location, salary, company type, and experience range along with 280 other parameters and then shows a curated list of candidates.

Q. How can I view candidates for a particular job?

First, select the job role for which you wish to see candidates from the left panel.

Below the job title, you'll see the total number of candidates for the job.

The first stage is "Active candidates" i.e. candidates who are actively looking for a job and have updated their profiles in the last 60 days.

The second stage is "Passive candidates" i.e. candidates which are relevant for the job you posted but, aren't actively looking for a job.

The third stage is "Low matching candidates" i.e. applications from candidates who don't match your requirements.

Q. What all details can I view about a candidate without losing credits?

In the middle of the candidate page, you'll see a list of candidates. You can view their name, designation at the current company, and the institute's name. It also includes key info like location, experience, notice period, and current salary.

You can see matching skills in green bubbles. These are the desired skills for the job posted by you.

Q. What actions can I perform on a candidate's profile?

Once you have looked at the candidate information on the right-hand side, you can see whether the candidate applied for the job posting. If they have applied, you can see when they applied for the same.

Below that, a "Send email" button is used to send personalized emails to the candidate if they are relevant for the job posting. The grey tick beside the send email button means that the other recruiter added to the job has already viewed the profile or you have viewed it for any other job that might have been posted earlier. A green tick means you have already viewed the resume.

Once you click on the send email button, the system will automatically fetch the relevant template based on whether the candidate has applied to the job or not. You can edit the template's text before clicking the "Send Email" button. Learn how personalized email templates work here.

Click on "Download resume" to download candidates' resumes. You can add notes or view other notes by your team members when you click on "notes."

Click on "Share resume" if you wish to share the candidate's resume with your team members.

Save for review: This option is used to collect all the candidate profiles which are suitable for a job role and are being saved for review. It is beneficial to keep the candidates in the pipeline. Alternatively, you can also send them to different interview stages.

Reject: Some candidates might not suit the skillset or cultural fit and the recruiter can reject such candidates.

Q. Can I perform bulk actions candidate's profile?

Select all: When you tick this box all the candidates visible on the page get selected for further actions.

Share resumes: You can share the selected candidates with your team members who are already added to your team page as well as other members who aren't part of the team page by adding their email addresses.

Download resumes: You can download the resumes selected in a Zip file or an Excel sheet, or both.

Reject: The candidates in the list can be rejected if they don't match your set criteria or some lack specific skills. All the rejected candidates move to the rejected stage.

Bulk email: You can't send bulk emails to candidates directly. Instead, first shortlist the candidates in save for review, and then open the Shortlisted stage to send bulk emails.

Q. I viewed a candidate's profile but forgot to take any action on it. How can I review it without losing credits?

If you have already viewed a candidate profile, or if you have taken any action on a particular profile and want to open that particular candidate, you can use the "Search pipeline" to find the profile using the name, email address, or phone number of the candidate. You can view their profile as many times as you want without losing credits.

Q. I want to report a candidate profile, How can I do that?

If you wish to report a certain candidate profile due to some reasons such as false information, incorrect name, fake profile etc. You can do that by following these steps.

Click on "View resume"

Then click on "Report this profile"

Select the reason for reporting the candidate and click on "Confirm".

Updated on: 06/10/2023

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