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Instahyre Talent Insights

Instahyre Talent Insights

Refine skills using AI-Powered Instahyre Talent Insights.

In our efforts to help recruiters find highly relevant candidates for their jobs, we're introducing the all-new Instahyre Talent Insights. You can refine your skills more innovatively by leveraging our AI-powered personalized recommendations and detailed insights.

Q How can I refine skills for a job?

Go to the Candidates page.

Scroll down to "Refine Talent Pool" and click the button.

Now you'll see multiple filters on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

Make changes to these parameters on the left to define your ideal candidate for the job.

Q. I cannot see any filters on the Candidates page. Where did they go?

We have revamped the filters under "Refine Talent Pool" to help you refine the skills using intelligent insights from our AI-powered Instahyre Talent Insights.

Q. What is the data source shown under Instahyre Talent Insights?

Candidates registered on Instahyre provide information on their profiles about their job titles, employers, skills, education, gender, and more.

Instahyre Talent Insights utilize our proprietary AI-enabled algorithm InstaMatch and Machine Learning to curate the insights for you in an actionable manner.

Q. How recent is the data under Instahyre Talent Insights?

The data on Instahyre Talent Insights is updated in real-time and refreshed every day.

Q. When I click "View Detailed Insights", the insights are blurred, and I cannot see any stats.

Instahyre Talent Insights are only available to employers on a subscription plan. To access Instahyre Talent Insights, you need to upgrade your account.

Q. How does "Refine Talent Pool" work?

Instahyre provides insights for multiple parameters, such as skills, work experience, salary range, location, etc. You can refine the talent pool that matches your requirement.

Instahyre Talent Insights will show you precise suggestions against multiple parameters based on our database to help you make the best hiring decisions.

On the right-hand side, you'll see the total talent pool for that job function, including those open to new opportunities, the total relevant candidates overall, and candidates who match your exact requirements.

Q. How can I view detailed Instahyre Talent Insights for my job?

On the "Refine Talent Pool" dashboard, you'll see a button "View detailed insights" on the right-hand side.

Click it to see Insights such as location, job functions, current employers, top industries, and schools. You can now get to know your candidate pool in more depth through a slew of exciting insights curated by InstaMatch.

Q. Why am I unable to click on "View detailed Insights"?

If the matching candidates for the job parameters you have selected are less than 100, Instahyre Talent Insights won't be shown. Any sample below 100 is not sufficient to show correct market data.

Q. Can I download a PDF report for "Instahyre Talent Insights"?

There is no functionality to download "Instahyre Talent Insights" reports. No worries, though. We are working on it and will add it soon with additional features.

Q. How can "Instahyre Talent Insights" help HR professionals?


Instahyre Talent Insights help you refine your talent pool by leveraging AI-powered data.

Talent pool expansion:

By looking at the insights, you can increase your talent pool by expanding to different locations or industries.

Competitive intelligence:

Learn where candidates work, leverage insights about designations, job functions, education, and more!


Understand which skills are possessed and preferred by top candidates.

Updated on: 06/10/2023

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