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Filtering candidates

Filtering candidates

Filter within the suggested candidates for location, salary, notice period, top institutes, etc.

Candidates visible in the "Candidates" section can be filtered on multiple parameters. Location, Gender, Notice period, Industry, etc., would help you narrow your search for the right candidate.

Filters are visible at top along with the "Sort" and "Select all" icons

Q. How can I see only candidates who have applied to my job?

Next to each candidate, we show when they applied, or if they have not applied.
We strongly recommend reaching out to candidates who have applied as well as those who haven't. However, if you wish to view just the applications, there is a filter on the left side.

Q. I don't want to see the candidates already seen by my teammates

Under the filter results select the option "Hide viewed by colleagues" and you won't see candidates already viewed by your colleagues.

Q. Can I hide profiles of candidates I have already viewed?

Yes, you can do It by selecting the option for "Hide viewed by me".

Q. Can I filter candidates on the basis of their work experience, current salary, and location?

Yes, you can filter them and select the work experience range as well as their current salary range. You can even filter them out basis their current location.

Q. I want to look at candidates only from top institutes.

You can filter the candidate results basis their college. Select the "top institutes" option.

Q. I am doing diversity hiring for a position, can I look at female candidates only?

You can filter the candidate results basis the gender. Select the "Female only" option from the "Gender filter".

Q. I want to filter candidates basis Industry

You can filter candidates basis the industry of your choice like Computer Software, Banking, Human Resources, etc. Use the filter "Industries worked in" and select a preferred industry from the drop-down menu.

Q. I want to see candidates who can join within 1 month.

You can filter candidate results basis on their notice period. Select notice period under filter options & select "immediately" from the drop-down menu.

Q. I want to search for a specific skill in the candidate's resume. Is there a filter for searching within the resume?

You can find specific information in the candidate resumes shown on the page. It can be any specific organization, a skill, a certification, etc. With a combination of all the words or either of the words can be searched in the results.

Updated on: 06/10/2023

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