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Status of your current subscription

Status of your current subscription

Check the status of your plan and usage

Q. Where can I see the status of my current plan?

Go to the jobs section and scroll down.

At the bottom left of the job section page, you can see the status of your current plan. This is also shown in the "Candidates" section.

Q. What are "Tech jobs" and "Non-tech jobs"?

Technology roles like software engineer, Chief technology officer, Product manager, DevOps engineer etc comes under "Tech jobs". Where all other jobs such as Marketing Manager, Business Development, Financial Analyst etc. come under "Non-tech jobs"

Q. What is my plan’s validity?

Under the current plan section, you can view the expiry date of your subscription plan.

Q. What are monthly search actions?

Actions taken on a candidate profile visible under the search page are counted as search actions. These include "View resume", "Download resume" & "Shortlist".

Your monthly search actions are renewed every month automatically. You can upgrade your plan if you feel your current subscription is not able to meet your requirements.

Q. How many candidates can I view in my free plan?

You can view 3 profiles each week for tech jobs and 3 profiles for non-tech jobs. If you share the jobs posting on LinkedIn then a total of 7 profiles each week for tech jobs and 25 profiles for non-tech jobs.

Q. How many candidates can I view in my premium job?

You can review 250 profiles per month in your premium job.

Updated on: 16/03/2022

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