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Jobs: Tips and Best practices

Jobs: Tips and Best practices

Know what you are looking for

How many times has it happened that you find a perfect candidate and the hiring manager ends up rejecting them? Or a candidate does get hired and jumps ship quickly once they realize that role doesn’t actually meet their expectation. This happens due to miscommunication or an information gap between the hiring manager and the recruiter.

Whenever you have to fill an open position, it’s best that you discuss with the hiring manager to understand what’s the ideal candidate for them. Know more about the experience range, type of skills candidates should possess, etc. Collaboration with hiring managers can encourage a smooth transition into a role and set a candidate up for a better experience. Hiring managers know exactly what they want in the open position, and they can help recruiters understand it well.

You can collaborate with other team members on Instahyre by adding them to a job posted by you. That way, they’ll be able to see all the candidates, shortlists, give you suggestions and set up interview calls with them.

Tips on selecting Advanced filters

We offer recruiters various capabilities while posting a job. They can add multiple filters and refine their search. But, if you make the job extremely niche you might miss out on great candidates. The Instahyre algorithm restricts candidates from applying to all the jobs.

We highly recommend you only add mandatory skillsets while posting a job, but filter down your candidate search on the candidate section.

We have seen an increase of 48% closures happening when recruiters follow this technique as opposed to restricting the pipeline with excess advanced filters.

This way you will not lose out on a chunk of good candidates because of many restrictions at the top of the funnel itself.

Salary range

We understand that you do not wish to disclose salary information while posting a job. But please note we do not show this salary range to the candidates. It's important you select the right range of offered salary and avoid adding extremes like 1 - 20 lacs per annum etc.

Job description

The job description should contain complete details about the role, responsibilities and requirements. Do not add company information again in the job description as it's already covered on the brand page.

Customer Story

Here is what Tejaswini Ananth from SIXT said on how writing a well-written job description helped her in sourcing good candidates.

“Having worked on other job boards that need a lot of effort in searching profiles, Instahyre was a breather. The tool pulls up relevant and good quality profiles based on the job description that we put in which saves us a lot of time in sifting through a tonne of profiles before landing the good ones. This tool has helped us in closing critical positions with quality hires and hope to continue the same in the future. I would also like to add that the Instahyre team has great online support for recruiters and have helped me in resolving my queries very quickly. It is one of the most interactive job boards I have come across so far.”

Updated on: 16/03/2022

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