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Jobs: Frequently Asked Questions

Jobs: Frequently Asked Questions

This articles cover all answers to your queries regarding job postings, advanced options, diversity hiring, and more.

Advanced options

While posting a job or while editing a job, click on "Advanced Options" at the bottom of the job posting form. There, you can find various options that are described below.

Q. I am willing to consider outstation candidates who are ready to relocate?

If you don't have any bars on candidates willing to relocate to your the job location. Click on the first option given below.

Q. I want to see candidates who are currently residing in a specific city.

Click on "Only show candidates currently located in the following locations" and
add the cities or regions of your choice.

Q. I am hiring for diversity for a role, can I see only female candidates?

While it's important to create an inclusive and diverse workplace, there might be specific instances where the nature of the job requires candidates of a particular gender. The next section shows candidates of the following gender- this option is particularly important for diversity hiring. You can select the 'female only' option.

Q. How can I view only candidates who can join within a certain notice period?

Depending on your urgency to fill the role, you can specify the desired notice period that candidates should have before joining. This option is useful when you are looking to close the position quickly and has four segments from 15 days to 3 months+.

Other questions

Below are answers to other common questions regarding your job postings.

Q. How can I write an effective job description?

Our data team studies the behaviour and actions of millions of candidates who use Instahyre. Well written job descriptions with clear roles and responsibilities are critical to engage potential candidates. Moreover, with a transparent job description, there is a higher chance of conversions from interviews to hires.

An ideal job description contains the following details -

Summary of the role
List of responsibilities
Desired qualifications in terms of work and education
Background of the team for which you're hiring

Q. Where can I see the status of all my jobs?

The status of all the jobs can be viewed on the left side of the "Jobs" page.

Q. What are Active jobs?

Jobs that are currently live on Instahyre from your employer account. These are the jobs which you are hiring for and candidates can apply to them.

Q. What are Inactive jobs?

Jobs that were previously posted on Instahyre from your account. These jobs are not active and you cannot see applicants for this job.

Q. How can I see candidates from an inactive job?

Go to the "Jobs" section.

Select the "Inactive" from "Filter by status".

Go to the job for which you want to see the candidates and click on "Edit / Activate"

Activate the job again, and you can then see the candidates for it.

Q. What are rejected jobs?

Jobs that don’t meet the platform guidelines get rejected. They are visible under the rejected bucket list, you can edit these jobs and send them for review.

Q. Why was my job rejected?

Jobs can get rejected by our moderation team due to a number of reasons. Here are some common reasons for rejection.

Mismatch of experience levels as selected by the recruiter and that mentioned in the job description.

Job roles and responsibilities are not defined or inadequate: a well-written JD or job description helps to increase the conversion by enhancing candidate experience as candidates want to understand the job in detail. This is one of the key metrics which helps to increase the candidate experience.

Job description is unreadable due to lack of formatting or any other reason.

Adding links to other sites to apply or soliciting resumes over email or phone.

We highly recommend all our users to frame the perfect job description at the time of posting a job. It is very crucial for the candidates, as they need to have a short glimpse of their future role.

Q. How can I send a rejected job for a review?

Jobs get rejected when it doesn’t meet our platform guidelines. They could get rejected when there is a lack of details in the job description or a mismatch in experience details vs what’s mentioned in the JD, or formatting issues, etc.

To send them for review again -

Filter the job status “Rejected”
Go to the rejected job you want to send for review
Click on “Edit/Activate” and fix the details and activate it again for review.

Q. How do I refresh my jobs?

You can refresh your jobs after 14 days of posting them.
Share them on LinkedIn by clicking on the "Icon" and they will be refreshed.

Updated on: 07/11/2023

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