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Managing your job openings

Managing your job openings

How to edit active jobs, share on social and much more

Q, How can I edit a job?

To make changes to a job posting, click on “Edit Job” you will be able to edit the details over there.

But, please note that editing a job will remove any candidates who no longer match the new job parameters.

Q. How can I make a job inactive?

Go to the job which you want to make inactive

Click on “Make Inactive”

The job will become inactive and you no longer will be able to see candidates and receive applications for that job.

Q. Can I add a team member to my job posting so that they can see candidates?

You may add a team member to your job opening.

Go to Job where you want to add the team member

Click on "Edit Job"

Scroll down and edit the "Who should be shown candidates for this job?" section & add your team member.

Click on "Save changes"

Q. Why am I not able to view candidates for a job posted by my team member?

In order to collaborate on a job, you can add yourself to that job.

To do so, open the Jobs page and scroll down to "Other jobs" - these are the jobs posted by your team members and click on "Edit Job"

Add yourself to "Who should be shown candidates for this job" and save it.

Once you have completed the above steps, you will be able to view candidates.

On the right-hand panel of the active job, you will see multiple icons.

Click on the share icon and the direct link to the job will be copied to the clipboard.

To share the job on social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook click on their icons. We suggest you do this regularly to gain more visibility for your jobs.

Updated on: 07/11/2023

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