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Manage your job openings

Managing your job openings

How to edit active jobs, share on social and much more

How can I edit an active job posting?

Go to the job and click on "Edit Job". You can make the changes you want to make and ensure to agree to the terms and conditions for the changes to reflect.

Note: Making any changes will result in the removal of candidates from your list if they don’t match up with the changes.

Make an active job posting inactive

To make a job post inactive to ensure that you don’t get any more applications and/ or have closed the position. Click on "Make Inactive" on the right-hand side of the job post. The job will be inactivated.

Share job posts on your social media

You can share any job that you have posted on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter by simply clicking on the icon next to the job detail.

Share a job post with a direct link

Apart from social media, you can also share the job using the link. Click on the share icon and the link will be copied to your clipboard. You can paste the link in emails and text messages.

Updated on: 07/11/2023

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