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Current Subscription

Your current subscription

Check the status of your plan and usage

Access information about your current subscription plan

Go to the "Jobs" tab.

Scroll down and on the left-hand side below the filters, you will have your current plan.

You can keep a tab of the profiles left for your subscription plan.

What do I get in the free plan?

The free plan is the basic plan for which you don’t have to pay anything and you get access to three premium technical profiles and an extra four profiles if you share the job post on LinkedIn. You can post as many jobs as you want- no bars. Also, you can view three premium non-technical profiles and unlimited profiles in case you share the post on LinkedIn.

How can I access premium profiles?

Once you upgrade to "Premium 100" you can access 100 premium IT profiles and of course, all the perks of Freemium continue.

My premium credits are remaining but the duration expired. What can I do to retain my premium credits?

Unfortunately, the plan will not allow for an auto extension of profiles or dates since the plan was purchased for a fixed duration of validity.

Updated on: 27/09/2023

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