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Jobs: Tips & best practices

Jobs - Tips and Best Practices

Check out our tips to get the best response for your jobs

A well-written job description improves the chances of getting applications by the most relevant candidates by a whopping 270% and improves closure rate and increased billing by a staggering 68%.

These days candidates are more selective about the job they want to apply for. So, to ensure maximum applications and views of your jobs from the best candidates, provide as much information as possible.

Have a detailed conversation with your client and understand who would be a perfect fit for their job opening. What kind of candidates do they generally hire, what are they looking for in a candidate. Because a little effort in getting the exact information will increase your chances of conversion considerably.

Our Instahyre Data Insights team suggest the following :

A detailed description of the job: Mention the roles and responsibilities of the job, it gives candidates an idea of the work that they are expected to do once they are hired. Even though a lot of companies hire for similar profiles/job positions the roles and responsibilities might be different.

A well-defined salary range: It's important you select the right range of offered salary and avoid adding extremes like 1-20 Lacs per annum etc. Instamatch, our proprietary technology finds and shows you the most relevant candidates. Our data suggest an increase of 70% increase in candidate applications when the correct salary range is selected.

Don’t add too many “must haves” skills: We offer recruiters various capabilities while posting a job. Adding 1 “must have” skills increased the conversion chances by 47% over adding 3 “must have “ skills. You can add “ nice to have” skills and add filters on the candidates' page to refine the candidate pipeline, if necessary.

Provide a great candidate experience: Candidates when they have a superior experience, your chances of getting a conversion increases by 5X.

You can provide a superior candidate experience by doing the following:

Update your job postings regularly and keep the candidate pipeline fresh.

Deactivate the jobs which you are not hiring for currently.

Ensure that the name of the hiring company is correctly mentioned with the corresponding job description.

Our Instamatch algorithm takes into account all the actions and determines an engagement score. Recruiters with a high engagement score have 83% higher conversions and hence increased billing.

Updated on: 27/09/2023

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