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This articles cover all answers to your queries regarding job postings, advanced options, diversity hiring, and more.

Advanced options

While posting a job or while editing a job, click on "Advanced Options" at the bottom of the job posting form. There, you can find various options that are described below. The advanced options help a great deal to fine-tune your candidate pipeline and filter out candidates further.

Q. I want to see candidates who are currently residing in a specific city.

Click on "Only show candidates currently located in the following locations" and add the cities or regions of your choice.

Q. I am hiring for diversity for a role, can I see only female candidates?

The next section shows candidates of the following gender- this option is particularly important for diversity hiring. You can select the "female only' option. This detail won’t be shown to the candidates that the job is restricted to a particular gender only.

Q. How can I view only candidates who can join within a certain time frame?

The last option is only to show candidates with the following notice period - this option is useful when you are looking to close the position quickly and has four segments from 15 days to 3 months+.

Q. What should I add to the job description?

Job descriptions are important for any job, and research shows a well-written, detailed, and transparent job description is always preferred over unclear JDs by candidates. So, make sure to ask your clients for the following details-

Roles and responsibilities of the job

Ideal background in terms of work experience and education

Skill-set required

Q. How do I know the status of my job posting?

Go to the "Jobs" section on your dashboard. On the left-hand side, you will see "Filter by status". Selecting any status will show the jobs in that status.

There are three categories - Active, Rejected, and Inactive.

Active: These are your jobs that are currently live or pending activation.

Rejected: These are the jobs that have been rejected by our moderation team due to incorrect or incomplete information. You will have received an email on your registered email address if a job was rejected.

Inactive: These are the jobs that you have deactivated. You can activate them again if need be.

Q. I want to see candidates for an inactive job. How can I access it?

Go to the "Jobs" section.

Select the "Inactive" from "Filter by status".

Go to the job for which you want to see the candidates and click on "Edit / Activate"

Activate the job again, and you can then see the candidates for it.

Q. I posted a job but it has been rejected. Why?

A job can be rejected due to multiple reasons as described on the page, as well as in the email you would have received. Kindly follow these guidelines while posting a job in the future so it gets activated by our moderation team.

Q. How can I make a rejected job post active?

To make a rejected job post active, all you have to do is edit the job and rectify the errors. Our team will then verify it and if it doesn’t have any more issues we will make it live.

Q. Can I make a job private so that it’s not shown on Google / LinkedIn?

Yes! You can make a job private, in which case only matching candidates will be able to see that job. Private jobs are not shown on search engines like Google or social networks like LinkedIn. Note that this feature is only available if you are on the Database Subscription plan. In order to make a job private:

Go to the job post, and "Edit Job".

Select "This is a private job".

Please note that for private jobs 2 credits will be used for each profile view.

Q. I cannot disclose the company’s name. How do I post the job without sharing it?

One of the core values of Instahyre is to provide candidates with transparent information about opportunities. This is a guarantee that we provide to our candidates as part of our Terms of Service, and we cannot offer any exceptions for it.

You can speak to the clients accordingly. We already have many recruitment firms as customers who have done the same and are using Instahyre to hire for almost every IT company in the market.

Having said that, we have a feature in the Database Subscription plan to post private jobs in which the company name is only visible to matching candidates - other users or the client will not be able to see the job.

Updated on: 07/11/2023

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