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Sending personalized emails

Sending personalized emails

Learn how to personalize and send custom emails to candidates to extract maximum ROI from your Instahyre subscription

Emails are the best way to reach candidates and gauge their interest in your organization. Our data indicate that there is a 5x increase in response rate through personalized emails, compared to generic mass emails.

How to send an email to a candidate?

On the candidate, section click on the "Send email" button.

The first time you click "Send Email", you will be shown a preview of the email that will be sent to the candidate as shown below.

Click on "Send Email" to send the email. Once you've sent your first email, previews will be turned off, so that you can send emails via a single click on "Send email". However, you may choose to turn on email previews through the Settings page.

You can also send an email by clicking "View Resume", then clicking the "Send Email".

Here, you can select team members to CC on the email, or add attachments to the email.

How to bulk-email multiple candidates

To send a bulk email, first, save the candidates for review you wish to email.

Then, open the "Saved for review" stage.

Click on "Select all" and all the candidates visible on the page will be selected. You may also choose to select particular candidates by checking the box next to each candidate.

Finally, click on "Send Email" to bulk-email all the selected candidates. Any placeholders/tags will be populated with each candidate's data for a personalized candidate experience.

Updated on: 25/03/2022

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