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Email: Tips & Best Practices

Emails are the best way to reach candidates and gauge their interest in your organization. Our data indicate that there is a 5X increase in response rate through personalized emails, compared to generic mass emails.

Our AI-based InstaBot technology ensures that the email is delivered to each candidate at the time they are most likely to open it, based on their past behaviour.

So on Instahyre, by sending emails you get more candidate responses with a better candidate experience. It's strongly recommended to email the candidate first instead of calling them directly.

There few reasons as to why you should do this:

Personalized emails have a higher impact and response rate as compared to a telephonic conversation to create that initial interest. Our data indicates that recruiters who send emails instead of directly calling candidates are able to interview almost 2X the number of candidates.

Secondly, at times the candidates are occupied, in a meeting or outside. They either don’t take the call or aren’t able to understand the recruiter properly. Which leads to missing out on a lot of good candidates.

Lastly, the candidate can read about your company, see your branding and the job which increases the intent of your prospective candidate. Moreover, if you send an email, the information like about the job role, recruiter name, contact details are handy with the candidate.

Once you start receiving responses from interested folks you can set up a call and move further in your recruiting process.

Customer Story:

Here is what Dhruv Mathur, Co-founder and Head of Product at LBB got to say about using personalized communication with candidates.

“Instahyre adds value by allowing you to structure your requirements, pre-filter the best candidates, and makes the whole process faster by automating a lot of communication and filtering that is required. It also gives you candidates consistently who are fresh and active so that you don’t have to waste time chasing people, instead you end up working to get the right people on-boarded on your team and move forward. On Naukri and other platforms, I get a mass of candidates. For example, out of 300 only 3-4 are good for interviewing mainly because nobody from the candidate end is paying attention to what they are applying for. Instahyre fits my needs the best from a self-service perspective. We are able to get the right person without sifting through 100s of resumes. Using Instahyre’s pre-built templates and being able to quickly communicate with people doesn’t require me to type the emails. The platform is basically doing most of the communication up which is cool.”

Personalized communication gives a great opportunity to start a great candidate engagement. It's important that you talk about the company vision and what's in store for the candidate. You need to sell the company to the candidate and create an amazing pitch.

Updated on: 17/11/2023

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