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Managing Advanced Options

Managing Advanced Options

Control interview scheduling with Event buffers, Maximum events, etc.

Advanced options are optional but important features to help you manage your availability.

Q. Can I add a buffer/break between interview slots?

Yes, of course! If you wish to add buffers during interviews, you can follow the steps below.

Once you have added all the details for the interview, go to 'Advanced Options'.

Under the option "Want to add a buffer time before or after your events?" you can add a buffer either before the event, or after the event, or both.

You can specify the exact number of minutes in the checkbox.

Q. How can I limit the number of interview slots booked daily?

Under the Advanced Options, go to "Maximum events per day for this scheduling link" and add the number of events allowed per day.

Q. How can I prevent last-minute interview slot bookings?

Under the Advanced Options, go to the "Candidates can't schedule within" section.

Select how far in advance of the start time that candidates can book an interview slot.

For example, if you set it to 4 hours, and if a candidate opens the scheduling link at 10 am, then they can only select time slots from 2 pm onward that day.

Updated on: 25/03/2022

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