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Calendar Page

Calendar Page

Manage your Calendar and view booked events

When a candidate books an interview slot from the interview link shared by a recruiter, it gets added to their calendar. It is also reflected on the employer's Instahyre Calendar page. Here recruiter can keep track of all upcoming scheduled events and plan for interviews accordingly.

Q. Where can I see scheduled interview events?

Hover your cursor on your initials on the right side.

From the dropdown menu click on "Calendar".

Here you'll be able to see booked interview slots in your calendar.

Q. Can I manage my calendar for a specific date?

Yes of course, when you are on the calendar page, click on "List view".

On the right panel, you can select a date.

Q. Where Can see a list of all past and upcoming interview events?

Under the list view section of the calendar page, you can view all the past and upcoming events.

Q. How can I schedule an event through the Calendar page?

Click on "Schedule"

Select a specific job you wish to schedule an event for from the dropdown.

Now, type the name or phone number of the candidate.

Click on "Next" and you'll be able to see the email tab of the candidate.

Here you can schedule the interview by clicking on the calendar icon.

Select the interview link and confirm.

Updated on: 25/03/2022

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