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Getting started with Scheduler

How to create interview links, invite candidates and more!

Scheduling interviews has always been one of the most frustrating and time-consuming activities. Recruiters are always on a tight schedule to close a position and administrative tasks such as coordinating for interviews makes the hiring process cumbersome.

Instahyre Scheduler is the one-stop solution for all the interviewing needs.

Recruiters can create interview events, send time slots to candidates basis recruiters' availability as well as the hiring manager's availability, sync their calendars, integrate favourite video calling apps, and much more to streamline the entire interview scheduling process.

Watch how Instahyre Scheduler works - Watch here

Q. How can I access Instahyre Scheduler?

Go to the dropdown menu from the top right corner of the dashboard.

Click on "Scheduler" to access the interview scheduling dashboard.

Follow the steps mentioned below to create an interview link.

On your Scheduler dashboard, click on "New scheduling link".

Enter a name for your event.

Select interviewers for this interview event.

Select 'General Availability' for the week.

Select the 'Event Duration' - it could be as short as 5 mins or as long as 60 mins.

Once you are done, select the 'Event Type' from the drop-down menu. It could be an onsite interview or with a third-party video calling app like Zoom, etc. To integrate your employer account with these third-party calling apps, click here.

Now, select the Time zone.

Select the Organizer. It could be you or someone else from your team.

Finally, if you want, you can type any notes that you want candidates to see.

Click on "Save Link" and the link will be created.

Q. Can I add custom interview time slots for a single day?

Absolutely! You can create customized time slots for the entire day.

Go to the 'General Availability' section.

Select a day and add a time slot, for example, Tuesday between 10:00 am to 2:00 pm could be one slot.

Then click on the "+" sign and add another time slot, Tuesday between 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

Q. How can I add a team member as an organizer?

You can add another team member as an organizer to the event.

Make sure they are added to the 'Interviewers' list.

Then, go to the 'Organizer' section and select the team member you want to be added as an organizer from the dropdown menu.

This will make sure the organizer appears as the host for the calendar event.

If you are unable to find the team member, it means that they are not added to your team.

You need to add them to your team prior to inviting them as interviewers.

With interview links, recruiters can define their meeting "criteria" in advance.

Share the scheduling link with the candidate via email.

When a candidate clicks on that link, he is directed to a landing page where he can choose to schedule a time to connect with the recruiter, the time slots visible to the candidates are based on the recruiter's calendar availability. This way candidates are able to choose a time slot that suits them and every interviewer involved.

Please Note: We allow events to have multiple recruiters, in which case, only slots that are free on all the calendars will be shown to the candidate. For instance, if 4 recruiters are part of an event, interview slots visible to the candidates will be based on the free available slots of all the recruiters, so that there are no event clashes.

Click here to add more team members - Team page

Q. What if my event invitations are not automatically added to my Google calendar?

If your event invitations are not being added to your Google Calendar automatically, it might be because you have chosen the "When I respond to the invitation in email" setting in your Google Calendar. With this setting, you need to manually respond to each invitation email before the event is added to your calendar.

To automatically add event invitations to your Google Calendar, follow these steps:

On your computer, go to the Google Calendar Settings page .
On the left-hand side, under the General category, click on Event Settings.
In the "Add invitations to my calendar" option, choose one of the following:

From everyone: All invitations are automatically added to your calendar.
Only if the sender is known: Events are automatically added if the sender is in your contacts, part of your organization, or someone you've previously interacted with.

By making these changes and updating your settings, events will start being added to your calendar as per your chosen preference.

Updated on: 18/07/2024

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