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How to set up your hiring team?

Setting up your hiring team

Learn how to set up and manage your team on Instahyre

How to add team members?

Open the Team page.

Scroll down, click on "Add more" and add the team members.

You can assign them an "Admin" or any other hiring role if you are an Admin. Only admins can assign hiring roles. Save the changes after you are done.

An email will be sent to the team members who are added with a sign-up link.

Upon verifying their details, the team members will be added.

Q. How can I delete a team member?

If you are an "Admin" then click on the "Delete" button next to the member. The deleted user will be informed that their account was deleted by you over an email.

Q. How do I resend emails to pending members?

Ask your team member to check their email again and open their spam folders.

Even then if they aren't able to verify their email address, send them another email.

You can send another verification email by clicking on the resend button next to their name.

Q. How can I restore a deleted account of a team member?

If a team member has been deleted from the team. "Admins" have the privilege to restore such deleted accounts.

Follow these steps to add your team member that might have been removed from the team due to prior account deletion:

Go to the Team page and select "Deleted users" from the left side panel.

Click on the "Restore button" to restore that particular account.

Q. I think my account was mistakenly deleted, how can I get access back?

When your account is deleted by an Admin of your team, you will be notified via email about the same and who deleted your account.

In case it was a mistake, then you can contact the Admin to reactivate your account.

Q. What happens when my account gets deleted?

You get unsubscribed from all of the jobs.

If any job had no other subscriber apart from you, it gets deactivated.

Deactivated jobs show up on the “Inactive jobs” page under “Other jobs”, both to you as well other recruiters, once your account gets restored

Q. How can I Filter team members

You can filter the team members by status - Active users or Deleted users

By license type - Licensed or Basic

By role - Admin, Recruiter, Hiring Manager and Interviewer

Updated on: 29/09/2023

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