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Distributing paid licenses

Distributing licenses

Learn about allocating "Licensed" accounts to recruiters within your team

Every enterprise subscription has multiple paid logins ("Licensed" accounts) depending on the plan. "Admins" have the permission to allocate these "Licensed" accounts within the team as per their requirement and discretion.

This helps in making sure the usage of all paid inventories is optimized at scale.

At the same time, other recruiters with "basic" accounts can continue to use the platform and post jobs with limited profile viewing options as per our free plan restrictions.

Q. What is a "Basic" account?

Any free user who is not on our paid subscription plan will have a "basic" login type.

Q. What is a "Licensed" account?

All subscription plan accounts will have a certain number of paid logins i.e "Licensed" accounts. They will have all the benefits of a subscription plan.

Q. How can an "Admin" allocate a "Licensed" account to a user?

Go to the Team page by clicking on "Team"

Scroll down to the recruiter whose login type you wish to change. In case the user is not registered then click on "Add more" to invite them to the team.

Select "Licensed" or "Basic" from the drop-down menu.

Q. How can I upgrade to a "Licensed" account?

If your company is already on a subscription plan and you wish to upgrade your Basic account to a Licensed account then, you can request your admins for the same.

Open the Team page, then scroll down to the bottom and click on the link to contact your team admins.

You can then email one or more Admins of your account requesting them for a paid login.

Q. What happens when my "Basic" account is switched to a "Licensed" account?

You will be moved to a subscription plan when your account is switched from "Basic" to "Licensed" and you can enjoy the benefits like:

Higher visibility of your jobs : Your jobs will be shown at the top of the candidate dashboard

Early access to the top talent : You will see candidates before the recruiters who are on the "Basic" plan, which means less duplicity and a unique talent pipeline

Reach outs to candidates : More emails and views as compared to the basic plan which increases your chances of conversion and boosts billing

Q. What happens when my "Licensed" account is switched to a "Basic" account?

You will be moved to a free plan when your account is switched from "Licensed" to "Basic " and you can access all your jobs. You can view and communicate with candidates as per your free plan quota.

Q. Does an "Admin" needs to have a "licensed" account?

An Admin can Have a "Licensed" or "Basic" login type depending upon the requirement.

Q . I am trying to allocate a "Licensed" account to a team member but, it's showing an error.

While allocating "licensed" accounts if it shows an error as in the below screenshot, it means that you have exhausted your paid licenses and you will have to purchase more "licensed" account. You can connect with our sales team to increase the number of "licensed" accounts.

However, you can also reduce the "licensed" user number by assigning them a "basic" login.

Alternatively, you can also keep a tab on purchased licenses, used licenses and available licenses through "Your license usage".

Updated on: 04/10/2023

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