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Access your account, notification and other settings

To access the settings page, click on your initials at the rightmost side of the dashboard. Then select "Settings" from the drop-down menu.

The settings page is divided into "Accounts settings", "Notification settings" and "Other settings"

Account Settings

Under "Account Settings" you can add your details like name, profile picture, current role, official email ID and phone number. If your account is already connected with LinkedIn then a few details will automatically be pre-filled.

You can edit your role, email ID, password, and phone number from here. Once, you are done making the changes, click on "Save".

How to change your name or profile picture on Instahyre

Go to your LinkedIn account and change your name or profile picture there.

Once the details are updated on your LinkedIn, open your Instahyre settings.

Click on your profile picture, and the system will prompt you to sign in using your LinkedIn account. Once you do that, your name and profile photo on Instahyre will be updated to the same information you set on your LinkedIn profile.

Notification Settings

Click on "Notification Settings" from the Settings menu on the left side.

These settings control Instahyre's interaction with you about the frequency of emails, product updates, tips and tricks of the industry, etc.

By default, all the settings are set to "Yes" apart from the first one which is set to "Instantly upon applying".

Other settings

Click on "Other Settings" from the Settings menu on the left side.

Each of the options on this page is explained below.

1. Do you want to enable one-click emails without seeing a preview of each email?

While contacting a candidate If you wish to preview each email before sending it then you can enable one-click emails. The system would automatically send the personalized template made by you to candidates. This way you don’t have to spend time editing and creating a personalized email for each candidate. But, If you wish to preview each email then you can disable one-click emails.

2. Do you want to auto-reject candidates who don't respond to your emails within 14 days?

If you select "Yes" for this action then all the candidates who do not respond within 14 days will be moved from the "Reached Out" stage to the "Rejected" stage. This will help you declutter your pipeline and you can focus on engaging with candidates who are interested in the position.

3. For any new jobs that you post, do you want automated reminder emails for candidates to be enabled by default?

If you enable this setting then InstaBot, our proprietary AI-powered bot, creates and sends personalized reminder emails to the candidates who have not replied to your first email. InstaBot will send reminder emails when the candidate is the most active and this increases your chances of getting a reply by 93%. We have seen 3X responses from these reminder emails compared to only sending an initial email, so we highly recommend you keep them enabled.

4. Send emails after a 30-second delay to allow undo send?

If you enable this setting the emails you send to candidates will be sent after 30 seconds so that you can undo send in case a mail has been sent accidentally and you want to retrieve it and avoid spamming the candidates.

Updated on: 25/03/2022

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