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Kanban View

Kanban View

What is a candidate pipeline?

A candidate pipeline represents the hiring stages candidates move through in the hiring process—from their first contact all the way through hiring. Till now Instahyre, Have been offering a List view of candidates, but through our ATS, we will now also provide Kanban style view.

How to open Kanban-View?

Go to Candidates Page.

On the top right corner, click on “Kanban View” You can always go back to “List view” by clicking on the list icon.

Navigating Kanban-View Dashboard

The Sidebar

Once you open Kanban view, scroll on the left side to view the sidebar. The sidebar contains a details of all the hiring stages under the jobs, other jobs live on your employer account as well as current plan details similar list view.

Pipeline Columns

When you create a job on Instahyre, the candidates are automatically divided into Active, Passive and low matching pipelines. Upon screening further, these candidates can be moved to default pipelines such as Saved for review, Reached out, In Conversation, Hired & Rejected stages. You can also create Custom stages under the “Interview stages” Option.

All these stages are accessible through columns in the Kanban view, and each column is scrollable.

By default, the first stage column will be “Active Candidates” You can always change it to “Passive” or “Low Matching” by clicking on the dropdown arrow.

Candidate Card

Each candidate card will have the following details
Personal information like their picture and name
Their designation, current company, work experience & salary
Skills they possess (Please note skills in green bubbles match the job requirements, and those in grey are other skills that candidates have) similar to list view.

Actions that can be taken on the Candidate card: Send email, Exporting them to your preferred ATS, Move them to a new stage and Rejecting a candidate

Moving Candidates

There are three ways through which you can move candidates to different hiring stages within the pipeline. Learn more about it.

Drag & Drop

The easiest way to move candidates to different hiring stages within the Kanban-View

Go to the job posting & scroll to the relevant stage column.
Click on the candidate card and drag them to the correct stage.

You can also drop them through “Quickdrop Pipeline.”

But please note you can only move a single candidate at a time using drag and drop

Moving multiple candidates with Bulk actions

To move multiple candidates to a different stage in one go, do the following steps.
Select candidates through checkboxes or click on “Select All.”
Click on “Move to”
Select the correct stage and move them there.

Through Candidate profile

You can also move candidates to a new stage directly through their profile.

Open the candidate profile.
Hover your mouse over the “Saved for review” button
Select the stage you’d like to move the candidate to

Customise your Pipeline View

Depending upon your preference, you may want to view different parts of the pipeline, filter your candidates or sort them out in another way which meets your current requirements.

Collapse Stages

Don’t wish to view all the stages? You can collapse the stage to make your viewing experience better.

Click on … next to the pipeline and Select “Collapse stage” you can always undo this later

Click on the upward arrow of the collapsed stage to undo this.

Hide Stages

Want to simplify your stages by hiding them? Simply go to the top right corner of your Kanban view.
Click on the following icon and deselect the stages you don’t wish to see.

You can change this back by re-selecting the checkboxes.

Sort Candidates

Go to the sort icon at the right corner.
Now sort them basis Most Recent, Most Popular, Max experience, Min experience, Max salary and minimum salary.

Please note the candidates will be sorted across stages.

Updated on: 11/01/2024

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