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Fair Evaluations

Fair evaluations is an important tool to help team members give candidate evaluations in a fair manner. Recruitment is a collaborative process, and everyone on the hiring team is expected to give unbiased evaluations of candidates. However, hiring teams’ opinions can be heavily influenced by one another, which could make lead to bad hires.

Learn how Fair Evaluations work in this article

Fair Evaluations feature is only available for users under our Subscription Plan.

How to enable 'Fair Evaluations' on my job?

To enable fair evaluations follow these on Jobs:

Go to step four i.e. "Extras" while posting or editing a Job.

Toggle the switch under Fair evaluations to enable it for the job and click Save Changes

You can also extend permissions to "Interview" type roles to see evaluations submitted by other team members as per your hiring policy.

That's it you are done! Now evaluations will be hidden from the team members unless they submit their evaluation. Keeping the whole process fair.

How to request an Evaluation from a team member?

Automatically post-interview

While scheduling candidate interviews (using scheduling links or fixed date-time) you can select whether you want the interviewers to submit post-event evaluations. If you click the checkbox then all the interviewees will receive an email once the interview is over. They will be asked to evaluate the candidate.

You can also do this when you manually schedule an event.

Manual request through Candidate profile

Search for specific candidates and open their profiles. Go to the evaluation section and click on the “Request Evaluation”.

Now add the name of the team member from whom you want to request an evaluation.
Finally, click on “Send”

Where Can I find Pending Evaluation Requests?

Evaluations are always available on each candidate’s profile, so evaluators can add feedback at any time.


Every time a team member sends you an evaluation request you will receive an email notification. Through the link in the email body you could evaluate the candidate.

Pending Tasks

Through the homepage tab you can access Pending Tasks

All your pending evaluations are listed here and you could click on “Click here to view them”.

How to Evaluate a Candidate?

Once you click on the Evaluation link or search for specific candidate, following pop-up would appear to add your evaluation.

A text box will appear where you could describe your feedback about the candidate.

You can add the score to a candidate via the thumb symbol

Managing Evaluations

All the past and pending evaluations requested by you as well as requested by your team members can be accessed on the evaluations dashboard.

Search bar on the evaluations dashboard helps you search for specific candidates.

How are Evaluation scores calculated?

Individual Evaluations

Evaluation scores consist of a No, Not sure, Yes, and Strong yes rating scale.

Each rating has a value:

Strong yes - 100%
Yes - 75%
Not sure - 50%
No - 0%

Overall Summary

Adding up the evaluation scores done by each evaluator results in an Average either for current job or all the jobs will result in final evaluation.

If a candidate has one "Strong yes" and one "Yes", they have an 88% positive evaluation.
If a candidate has one "Strong yes" and one "Not sure", they have a 75% positive evaluation.
If a candidate has two "No" evaluations, they have a 0% positive evaluation.
In case of 2 "strong yes", 2 "yes", 1 "Not sure", 1 "No" the overall score is 67%: (100 + 100 + 75 + 75 + 50 + 0) / 6 = 67% (rounded to next integer value)

Updated on: 11/01/2024

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