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Hiring Roles

Hiring Roles

Learn everything about Admins, Recruiters & other team members

Each employer on Instahyre has a "Team page" which offers capabilities to make your team productive as well as eliminates the chances of multiple enterprise accounts built by recruiters for their jobs.

Recruiters from the same employer can collaborate to close a position faster.

Using Instahyre as a team helps reduce the chances of recruiters contacting the same profiles separately.

Improves productivity and communication among the members which provides a superior candidate experience.

According to our survey with more than 1000 top HR leaders and talent acquisition heads, this approach has reduced the instances of multiple recruiters reaching for the same candidate for the same job by 83% and increased the conversion rate by a staggering 178%.

The team page provides visibility across the hiring process and helps to maximize the effectiveness of the recruiters.

Type of members on the team page

Registered recruiters from your organization can be assigned four types of roles. Either their status can be of an "Admin", "Recruiter", "Hiring Manager' or "Interviewer".

A.) Admins

Admins have access to multiple functionalities on the team page. Whereas, other team members such as recruiters, hiring manager and interviewers doesn't. Typically the HR director, VP HR and other TA heads are assigned Admin roles to overlook their entire Instahyre account.

How are the Admins assigned?

For subscription accounts, once your onboarding is done, basis your discussion with your account manager one or more "Admins" are assigned. Admins have permission to assign other recruiters as an "Admin" as well as "Recruiters" "Interviewers" & "Hiring Managers"

For free plan accounts, all users who are added to the platform have "Admin" status. However, they cannot change the status of any other users. In order to access the full functionality of the Team page, you will have to upgrade to the database subscription plan.

What privileges does an Admin have?

They can assign "Licensed" accounts to the team.

They can "Delete" or "Restore" recruiter accounts from the team.

They can also assign other team members as "Admin" "Recruiters" "Hiring Manager" or "Interviewer"

They have the access to edit the "Brand Page".

They can download usage reports for the team.

They can view all the jobs posted by their team on the "Jobs" page. The paid jobs will be seen under the "Paid Slots" filter and the free jobs will be seen under the "Free Slots" filter.

They can edit and modify any job from the " Jobs" page provided the license type match e.g. an admin with a "Basic" plan can only edit jobs under "Free Slots". Similarly, an admin with a "Licensed" plan can only edit jobs under "Paid Slots".

B.) Recruiters

Recruiters(previously Members) are part of the team and does sourcing and other recruitment activities on the platform. Typically your organizations Lead recruiters, Head of recruiting, Recruiters, Sourcers and other HR executives can be assigned this role.

What privileges does a Recruiter have?

They can post jobs on the platform as well as view all the jobs posted under your organization.

They can subscribe to other team members jobs and view candidates.

They can have a licensed or a basic plan depending on what their Admins assign.

They can invite new team members.

They can assign any other role to team members like Recruiter, Hiring Manager or Interviewer except the Admin role.

They cannot change the licenses of any team member.

They can access "Search" if they have a "licensed" account.

They don't have access to edit the Brand page or download usage reports.

C.) Hiring Manager

The hiring manager role is quite similar to that of a recruiter. Typically, hiring managers are heads such as VP, HODs, Partner, Senior Managers etc. But, not from the HR department.

Recruiters VS Hiring Managers

Hiring Managers can only see those jobs that they are subscribed to.

They can view candidates for all the jobs they are subscribed to.

They cannot create a new job on the platform.

They can invite other team members and assign them with a hiring manager role or that of an interviewer.

They can access the search page if they have a licensed account.

D.) Interviewer

Recruiters/hiring managers invite team members of different departments in the company to interview a candidate. But these interviewers don't require a fully-fledged Instahyre employer account. They only require limited access in order to view candidate resume and take their interviews.

Hence, we introduced this 4th role within the Team page to collaborate better with other interviewers.

What privileges does an Interviewer have?

They can view those candidates for whom their interview has been scheduled.

They can view their resumes as well.

Since salary is sensitive info, interviewers don't have access to view the salary information of the candidate.

They add notes about the candidate once their interview is done. But they cannot view notes added by any other team member.

Apart from the salary filter, they can view all other filters from the candidate's page.

Interviewers can also access the integration page and sync their calendars as well as other video accounts to enjoy the seamless interview process on Instahyre.

They can invite other team members as "Interviewers" on the platform.

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Updated on: 04/10/2023

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