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Get started with Search

Get started with Search

Tips on using the Search page to find specific candidates

In this article, we'll learn how to use keywords, job functions and Boolean search along with filters to get the most relevant candidate results for your requirement.

First, to access the search page, click on "Search" on the top menu of your account.

Below are some tips on how to perform an effective search on Instahyre.

Method 1: Conducting a search with Keywords & Job Functions only

Tip 1: The power of using the right keywords

Let's say you are hiring for a Digital marketing specialist. When you search for keywords "Digital" & "Marketing", the system searches for both keywords in all resumes in the database and shows you the matching profiles, which might lead to irrelevant results, as even candidates with marketing internships, brand management, digital consultant etc. would pop up.

It might actually omit a lot of Digital marketing specialists too! Why? Because candidates might not add "Digital marketing" specifically in their resumes! What candidates usually mention in their resumes are the skills and tools they have worked on. For example, an experienced recruiter will mention that they’ve used Instahyre, Naukri, LinkedIn, etc. to source profiles.

The solution here is to use the right skills for the role, like AdWords, Google Analytics, SEO optimization, PPC, etc.

Step 1: Enter at least one required field

Spend some time with the hiring manager to understand what skills he/she is looking for in a candidate. Learn what skills are mandatory and what could be optional. Once you have a clear understanding of the role, you can begin your search.

You can use a combination of the "Any Keywords" and "All Keywords" options. For a mandatory skill set, it is recommended to use the "All Keywords" option and for any other skills, use "Any Keywords".

Tip 2: Using a combination of Job Categories & Keywords to find candidates

Carrying out your search with a combination of Job Categories would fetch you even better results. Let's say, once again, that you are hiring for a Digital marketing specialist.

Select "All - Marketing" or "SEO/SEM" as the Job Category

Add Keywords like "AdWords" & "PPC"

Click on the Search button

This way, you will only see candidates belonging to the marketing category who have experience in using "AdWords" & "PPC".

Apart from finding the right candidates for the role, there could be other requirements to make a candidate a perfect fit. These could range anywhere from selecting the location of the candidate to the length of their notice period.

Use our optional filters to find a relevant pool of candidates. Once you are done, click on the Search button.

And voila! Experience magic with a click of a button!

Instahyre vs other traditional search tools

Relevancy of candidates is higher on Instahyre as we take into consideration company DNA, the skills you are looking for, and the candidate's interests before showing search results. In stark contrast, traditional job portals only match candidates on the basis of just keywords and basic filters used on the platform.

Candidate activeness is higher on our platform due to personalized communication, easy UI/UX, and zero spam. ON the other hand, traditional job boards spam candidates with a lot of unsolicited job calls and generic mass emails. Hence, candidates come back and choose our platform proactively.

We match candidates on the basis of job functions as well as mandatory skills to get you the most relevant search results.

What's Next? - Want to do a Boolean search instead? Check out our article on "Introducing Boolean Search on Instahyre Advanced Search".

Updated on: 25/03/2022

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