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Emails - Tips and Best Practices

Emails - Tips and Best Practices

Tactics to create engaging emails

Emails are the most efficient way to communicate with candidates. Emails allow you to provide all the information about the job and the employer brand. It also gives the candidate to read the job description and understand the role and her prospective employer.

According to our survey with 23,876 recruiters, we have seen personalized emails increase the open rate by 95%. Our email rates are the highest in the industry.

Write a personalized email with relative candidate information along with the job details. Instead of sending mass emails try writing “Hi (name of candidate), with your current experience (company name) as a (profile) we think you would be a good fit for” and then add the rest of the details.

A personalized approach will not only hold the candidate's attention but also increase the chances of them applying for the job.

Updated on: 25/03/2022

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