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Learn how to seamlessly create personalised email templates for all your job postings and use them to connect with candidates. Personalised templates are highly engaging and give the best hiring experience to candidates.

Keep personalised templates ready for various purposes like introduction email, interview calls, assessment emails, rejection emails etc. and reduce your hiring time by 26% by automating these tasks.

Q. How can I create custom email templates?

To access the Email Templates page, click on "Email Templates".

On the left-hand side of the dashboard, you can see the different types of templates. You can create four types of email templates: one for applied candidates, one for not applied candidates, and one each for the first and second reminder emails. You can also create your own template

Applied Candidates: This email is sent to candidates who have applied for the job to set up an introductory call or ask any questions you may have.

Not Applied Candidates: This email is sent to a candidate who has not applied to your job but is a good fit and wishes to check their interest in the position. Make sure to create an appealing email that includes information about the company and why candidates should consider the opportunity.

Reminder emails: These are automated emails sent as a follow-up to candidates who haven't responded to your initial email.

Q. How to add new email templates?

You can create multiple templates under a single job and rename them as your choice, such as "Assessment Template". Except for the four default templates that are auto-generated, you can rename any templates that you have created.

Q. How to add attachments to a template?

Recruiters often send various attachments like assessments or case studies during the hiring process to candidates. You can click on the "Add Attachment" button to add one or more attachments to your template.

Q. How to edit a template?

You can personalise all the email templates and insert various tags like the candidate's name, which will be different for each email sent.

You can also add interview schedules by clicking on 'Scheduling Link' .

You can even edit the template your team members shared by clicking on the "Shared by others" button.

The message is fully customisable and once you are done, click on save

Please note you cannot add external third party links in the email body of custom messages.

The link to the Job description is automatically added whenever you send the email to candidates.

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Updated on: 17/11/2023

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