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Creating a compelling brand page

Creating a compelling brand page

Learn how to create a brand page of your organization

The brand page is a crucial part of the profile as it is the first page that is seen by the candidate, while answering important questions like what your company does, why a candidate should join your company, what benefits you provide and more.

The conversion funnel and recruitment marketing begin from this very page. In this battle for the right talent, this is where winners emerge!

Companies with an updated, attractive brand page received 49% more applications on Instahyre, and candidates spend 23% more time on the job description pages compared to companies with incomplete information on the brand page.

We recommend keeping the brand page updated. Feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager to help your organization create a compelling brand page.

How to create your brand page

Click on your initials on the top menu to access the brand page.

Logo: Update or delete the logo by hovering over the logo section.

Quick Facts: The first section consists of quick facts where you can enter your company's tagline, number of employees, and other details.

Click on save changes once you have added all the details.

About the Company: In the "about" section you can add details about the company, description of product and services, introduction to founders, funding updates or anything that you want to highlight about your company.

Office and Product Photos: We strongly suggest adding photos of your team, office or product. To add a picture, click on “add photos” and to remove, click on the “X” icon on the top right of the respective picture.

Why Explore a Career: This is where you sell your company to candidates and explain about the culture within the organization, what technologies you work on, etc.

Other content you can add

Below are some other pieces of information that you can also add to your Brand Page, and we strongly recommend adding as many of them as possible.

Interview Process: Describe your typical interview process and details about interview rounds.

Social links: Add links to your company's social media presence here.

Benefits: Add information about extra benefits provided to employees like work from home, health insurance, paternity leaves, and any unique benefits you offer. Use a comma to separate each benefit you enter.

Tech stack: Add information about your technology stack here. Use a comma to separate each technology you enter.

Frequently asked questions about the brand page

Q. How do I change the company's name?

Drop us an email on and mark your manager in CC.
Share public links and references for the requested change.
Our operations team will review your request and change the company name.

Q. Our employee count has increased. Can I change the employee number?

Yes, you can change the employee no. by clicking on the "Edit" button under the Quick facts section.

Q. The logo added on the brand page is incorrect.

You can click on the logo and replace it with the recent one.

Q. Can I add a video to the brand page?

Right now we don't have that functionality, though we'll be sure to update you when we add it.

Updated on: 25/03/2022

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