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Brand Page: Tips and Best practices

Brand Page: Tips and Best practices

Best way to utilize your organization's Employer Brand

The thing about employer brand

Creating a Brand Page of your organization is important as it helps in providing a great candidate experience. When information about your brand is easily accessible to candidates they are more in line with the vision of the company which would increase applications on the jobs posted by your company. So add information like perks & benefits, cultural background, funding information etc.

Companies with an updated, attractive brand page receive 49% more applications on Instahyre, and candidates spend 23% more time on the job description pages compared to companies with incomplete information on the brand page.

Connect with your founder or marketing/branding team to understand various aspects of employer value proposition, culture, benefits etc. Create an amazing brand page on Instahyre. Which starts from the logo of your company to the tech stack you have. If you are on the database subscription plan, feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager to help your organization create a compelling brand page. Alternatively, reach out to our support team through chat.

Interview Process

In this candidate-driven market, a candidate has a lot of options at their disposal, it's your employer brand that would be the differentiating factor. At Instahyre you can add your complete Interview process so that candidates can prepare in advance, know how many rounds are there and be transparent about it.

You have the entire control on your brand page, we highly recommend you update it often with the most recent information.

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Updated on: 25/03/2022

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