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Get started

Get started

Easy steps to follow to make your account

Go to the Sign-up page

Add details like company name, your designation, phone number, official email address and password. Also, select whether your organization is a direct employer or a recruitment agency.

After adding the above details, click on "Sign in with LinkedIn".

Why is it mandatory to sign-in with LinkedIn?

At Instahyre, we are building a close-knit community to showcase the great work being done by recruiters such as yourself. As part of this initiative, and to provide better-suited applications to you, we need all recruiters to sign-in with LinkedIn. This makes your experience more delightful!

We value your privacy. Please note that we do not get permission to post anything on LinkedIn. It will not provide us with any information from LinkedIn other than your name and profile photo, which will be displayed on all the job openings that you will post on Instahyre.

Validate your account details

Once you have registered, check the email inbox you provided and verify your email address.

Once this step is done, you just need to verify your phone number via an OTP verification. Voila!

When will my account get activated?

Once you finish validating your email address & mobile number, our team will review your account and send an email once your account is activated or if we need any further information.

If you have signed up for a paid subscription plan, you'll get the activation email/information request on the same business day. For free users, it's usually done within 2-3 business days.


To set up your account, all you have to do is provide your full name, email, and set a password.


1. Do I need to add my credit card details while creating my account?

No. Instahyre doesn’t ask for your credit card details until you proceed to purchase a paid feature on our platform. You can continue using the platform for free whether you are an employer or a candidate looking for a job.

2. Will there be a trial period?

Instahyre allows you to use the platform free of cost. The charges are for features that boost your reach and you can purchase the plan as per your need.

3. Can I sign up using Gmail?

If you are an employer you are required to sign up using a corporate email ID.

What's Next: Looking for more information on how to use Instahyre? Sign in to access our entire comprehensive Help Centre.

Updated on: 25/03/2022

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