Candidate Upload via External sources

Learn how to upload candidate resumes and manage those candidate profiles on Instahyre

Uploading External Candidate Resumes

To upload a resume or CV, navigate to the candidates page. Click on the + Add candidates button.

Select the relevant job & stage

Then select the files/folder or drag and drop CVs from your computer into the Drag & Drop window. Supported file types are PDF and Word

Once our system parse the resumes, you can click on each candidate's name on the left sidebar to check the parsed information. If the information is incorrect, you can edit and save it.

You can also upload more resumes by clicking on "Click to upload more files".

Once you are done click on "Show Upload" and all the uploaded candidates will move to a new hiring stage called "Uploaded Candidates"

You can upload as many CVs as you need, but larger batches will take longer to process so it's best to do it in batches of 70 or less.

What happens when candidate information is missing?

It could happen that some or the other information on the candidate profile is missing. In that case there could be three possible scenarios

When candidate name is missing

If the candidate name is missing a caution error will appear and you can add the name.

You also have the option to discard the profile.

When candidate email is missing

If candidate email is missing a caution error will appear and you can add the email. Then you can click on save and move ahead.

When candidate already exists in the system

You can choose to keep both profiles or discard the uploading profile and keep the existing profile in the same stage or discard the uploading profile and move the existing profile to the stage to which candidates are being uploaded to.

Updated on: 28/12/2023

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